Shinty Hurling International Match: A Historic Return

The Grand Comeback

After a long break since 2019, the much-awaited Shinty Hurling International match is finally back!

The Big Day

The exciting game is scheduled for Saturday, 21st October, at the famous Páirc Esler, Newry, starting at 2.45pm.

Leading the Charge

The team will be led by the esteemed Neil McManus, who has been given the honour of captaining the side.

A Journey Through Time

The Shinty Hurling International match boasts a rich history that began in the late 19th century. The first recorded international fixture between a Scottish shinty team and an Irish hurling team took place in 1896. This was followed by the first official series that combined rules from both sports at Celtic Park in Scotland.

The Road to Regularity

International tests between all-Scotland and all-Ireland teams were held sporadically before World War II. Despite several attempts to establish regular meetings since the Tailteann Games in 1928, it wasn’t until the 1970s that a formalised series was possible due to anti-British sentiment within the GAA.

A New Era

In 2003, the Camanachd Association and the Gaelic Athletic Association committed to an annual series. Recently, the series has evolved from a single test series to a two-test aggregate points series.

The Return

After a three-year absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was announced that the series would make its return to Dublin in autumn 2023.

This year’s match will add another chapter to this long-standing tradition of friendly competition and sporting excellence.

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