Play blackjack online – casinos, tips and rules


Blackjack is one of the most popular games of chance in the world. For this reason, the card game is also offered by most online casinos. However, as with all other casino games, there are big differences in blackjack from casino to casino. These often lie in the quality of the software, the seriousness of the casino itself, as well as in the possible stakes and corresponding winnings.

What is Blackjack all about?

Blackjack is basically a card game. The player tries to get as close as possible to the value of 21 by revealing cards, but without exceeding it. To win, however, his card value must be closer to 21 than the dealer’s card value. The cards 2 to 10 correspond to their numerical value, while the Jack, Queen and King each count as 10, and the Ace as either 1 or 11.

What are the odds of winning in Blackjack?

Unlike slot machines, for example, the odds of winning at Blackjack are usually quite good. In addition, the player does not have to rely completely on his luck in Blackjack, all betting sites in Nigeria have strategy but you can partially influence his chances of winning by following different Blackjack systems and strategies. Of course, these strategies cannot guarantee a win. However, decision-making possibilities remain for the player in blackjack, so that he is actively involved in the game. Slot games, for example, are in contrast to this. Here the user hardly plays an active role, but a large passive one. In general, the following facts can be summarized:


  • in blackjack you can win a lot of money quickly but also lose it quickly
  • various strategies help to minimize the house advantage of the casino
  • a player can train his skill in blackjack and thus increase his chances

Which online casinos offer blackjack and which ones are recommended?

As already touched upon, blackjack is offered in almost every online casino. When choosing the right casino you should pay attention to the seriousness, a good gaming atmosphere and any special promotions and bonuses, such as a so-called “welcome bonus”. Among the best online casinos with blackjack tables are especially:


Casino Welcome Bonus
888 Casino 100% up to 140€
Euro Grand 300% up to 300€
William Hill Casino 100% up to 300€

Playing blackjack with and without a bonus – which is more worthwhile?

Blackjack is often preferred over many other casino games. This is true for both real casinos and virtual arcades. However, playing in an online casino brings with it the great advantage that most virtual casinos grant their players various bonuses and entry fees. A common extra, for example, is the so-called “welcome bonus”. Here, the player receives a certain percentage of the sum of his initial deposit additionally credited to his player account by the online casino. For example, if the welcome bonus is 100 percent and the player deposits an amount of 100 euros, he will end up with 200 euros to play blackjack with real money PayPal. The bonus types and amounts differ from casino to casino.

What should be considered when claiming a bonus?

Now, you might ask why you should even think about whether you want to use an offered bonus to play blackjack – after all, this is virtually free money. However, the bonuses offered by online casinos are usually subject to certain conditions. These must be met before there is a claim to the payout of the winnings earned through the bonus. In addition, there are usually rules for a bonus, which must be observed as a matter of urgency. If the rules for a bonus are not followed, the player will lose the right to all winnings.

What are the conditions for Blackjack bonuses?

As already mentioned, the bonus programs offered can vary greatly from one online casino to another. The same goes for the applicable rules and conditions for a bonus. Often, the conditions revolve around the amount of winnings to be earned before a withdrawal can be made. For example, the rule may be that before requesting a payout of the winnings, it must first be at least X times the bonus received. Especially with bonuses on first deposits, the player must pay attention. In some online casinos, the use of a welcome bonus is limited to certain games or certain games, such as blackjack, are excluded from use. If you still use your welcome bonus to play blackjack, the online casino may withhold your winnings due to the rule violation.

Blackjack bonus – what do you have to do for the payout?

The popular game of chance Blackjack can be played both in real casinos and in virtual arcades. For casino lovers who prefer to play blackjack, a visit to an online casino is worthwhile in any case. In contrast to classic casinos, casinos in the virtual world often offer players rich bonuses or entry fees for playing blackjack.

Blackjack – Large selection of providers

The card game Blackjack is offered by almost every online casino in the digital gambling industry, mostly even with completely different table limits and in different game variants. It is therefore often difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff and to filter out the reputable providers on the one hand, and those with the best offers and good customer service on the other. Bonus programs are a popular way for casino platforms to attract players. At this point, the various providers often try to outdo each other by offering the highest possible bonuses for players. However, not only the amount of the bonus should be decisive for the choice of an online casino. The bonus conditions are also an important factor that often goes unnoticed.

What are the bonus conditions as a rule?

A Blackjack bonus, like most other casino bonuses in online gambling halls, is almost always linked to certain conditions. These can usually be found in the terms and conditions of the casino or in the “fine print” when claiming the bonus. To avoid any unpleasant surprises in the end, these conditions should always be read thoroughly before playing blackjack. Bonus conditions usually refer to:

  • the minimum winnings to be won before a withdrawal can be requested
  • the validity of the bonus for certain game variants or, with the exception of certain game variants, blackjack limits
  • the duration of the bonus
  • the possibilities of withdrawing the winnings earned

PayPal – The fastest and safest method of payment


Now let’s talk about the most secure way to deposit and withdraw money from the casino. It is difficult to find a payment method that offers a better service than PayPal as it is one of the electronic wallets with the largest number of users worldwide. Quite a few online casinos accept payments through PayPal, which makes online casinos process payments faster.


PayPal is the most sought-after payment system in legal online casinos. For this reason, every quality gaming portal wants to offer this option to its players. The fact that an online casino has the PayPal payment method is a guarantee for users, since it means that the payment provider has accepted the collaboration with this brand because it considers it safe. 

How to make a payment via PayPal?

This system is really simple and very practical, as well as safe pillars that have been maintained since the beginning of PayPal. First you should create a PayPal account. And to make a transfer you only need to enter the recipient’s email or phone number and the amount you want to send, and it will be ready in a few clicks!


You will only need to enter your PIN or password to confirm the payment. PayPal processes hundreds of millions of dollars every year, so you can be sure. Because of its simplicity and security, this payment method is one of the most widely used. Transactions through Paypal are carried out quickly and efficiently, which is why many players choose this payment method to collect their winnings.

Using PayPal from your cell phone

Another of PayPal’s strengths is that it is fully compatible with mobile devices and, therefore, you can use this payment method to buy online or deposit funds in your favorite casino comfortably from anywhere.


You no longer need to be in front of a computer, but thanks to your smartphone you can send and receive money whenever and wherever you want. In fact, PayPal has an app available for iOS and Android devices that you can use with total comfort. 


One of the main differentials of PayPal compared to alternative payment methods is that with just one click you can make your first deposit or withdraw winnings from your favorite slots and more.

Advantages of PayPal Casinos

Here are the advantages of using this payment method summarized in four important points. Once you have tried it, you will never go back to traditional payment methods.


PayPal is free, secure and fast. What more could you ask for?


  1. It’s free. One of the advantages of using PayPal is that it is a free service. Making purchases of products or services through PayPal does not involve any type of cost as long as you do not have to make a currency conversion. Also, if you deposit in an online casino using this payment method you will not have to pay any commission either. 
  2. It is safe and secure. On the other hand, payments are made anonymously, so your personal and financial information is protected at all times. PayPal’s level of security and confidentiality is particularly high.
  3. It is fast. In addition, we must emphasize the speed of its service, as transfers can be processed in seconds. However, casinos can normally be slower in the case of casinos, but at most they can take up to 3 days.

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