Where does your county rank among the GAA Twitter pages? Twitter has become the go-to place for GAA fans looking to keep up to date with their team. When it comes to live scores, news, club activity, and whatever else there is to know, fans can likely find the information on Twitter. However, some counties are better at being on the ball. Here’s how each county stands for its Gaa Twitter pages if they were divided into divisions.

Division 4

Armagh: Mostly retweets. Does keep up to date. But, sold out big time to Domino’s and the ads are unavoidable. ‘Our Ma’ outshines the official account.  https://twitter.com/ArmaghLGFA  https://twitter.com/Armagh_GAA


Galway: Allows other pages like ‘Galway Bay FM’ to do the heavy lifting. The Ladies Football twitter page makes up for this somewhat. Also, camogie is a big deal and they are proud of it. The obvious choice for promotion. https://twitter.com/GalwayLgfa  https://twitter.com/GalwayCamogie96  https://twitter.com/Galway_GAA


Kildare: Good for updates. Yet, tries to do more and just doesn’t. For emphasis, 35.3k followers doesn’t reflect the population. https://twitter.com/KildareGAA

Laois: Liable to be dormant Monday to Friday. Business only kind of page.  https://twitter.com/CLGLaois

Limerick: Good for club notes, competitions, and scores. This is the problem though as it perhaps overdoes it. Meanwhile, the camogie page is purely for updates.  https://twitter.com/LimerickCLG  https://twitter.com/LimCamogie

Longford: Good for updates. On the other hand, ‘Longford Coaching and Games’ is your page for the personal touch. https://twitter.com/OfficialLDGAA

Roscommon: They’re currently running a raffle for a house in London. But I’m sure you already heard about that. https://twitter.com/RoscommonGAA

Westmeath: Another official county page that has a better alternative. For example, ‘Westmeath Coaching and Games for Life’ does the job. The camogie Twitter page saves some of the damage. https://twitter.com/WestmeathCamogi  https://twitter.com/westmeath_gaa

Division 3 

Cavan: Bland. Good updates. It does cover lottos, etc. In fairness, it does what it says in the bio: ‘Used for the purposes of releasing team news, giving match updates, fixtures & results etc.’. https://twitter.com/CavanCoBoardGaa  https://twitter.com/CavanLGFA

Cork: As a fact, Cork GAA has 97.1k people to keep entertained. As a result, it perhaps tries too hard. This is a very community-based page. So much so that a separate page just for scores and game updates wouldn’t be a bad idea. The LGFA page adds much-needed points for being far more sport-focused. https://twitter.com/CorkCamogie  https://twitter.com/CorkLGFA   https://twitter.com/OfficialCorkGAA


Derry: Another page that has an association with Domino’s adverts. However, they are much cuter about it. Not afraid to retweet fans’ opinions. Offers well-balanced content. https://twitter.com/Doiregaa

Kilkenny: Has a very admin feel to it. Specifically, it is a centralised place for club updates. At least the camogie page has a sense of by the people, for the people.  https://twitter.com/KilkennyCLG  https://twitter.com/KilkennyCamogie

Leitrim: This page does try to get fans in on the action. You may as well follow ‘Leitrim Daily’ though. https://twitter.com/LeitrimGAA

Mayo: Mayo GAA has over 73k followers to keep happy across all its Twitter pages. Neither the centralised page nor the LGFA page misses a beat. But, the reason for its low ranking is its failure to compete with the competition from ‘Ah Ref’. https://twitter.com/Mayo_LGFA  https://twitter.com/MayoGAA

Monaghan: Smooth page. Run of the mill job. Nice and steady.  https://twitter.com/MonaghanLGFA  https://twitter.com/monaghangaa

Offaly: A county proud of their GAA and this is contagious. Could be competitive in Division 2.  https://twitter.com/OffalyCamogie  https://twitter.com/Offaly_GAA

Division 2

Carlow: Has a good followers:following ratio. Good updates, active about its clubs, inclusive page for all the county’s games. However, maybe a little reliant on IT Carlow’s popularity. https://twitter.com/Carlow_GAA

Dublin: 98.4k followers. This would be a daunting challenge for most. Nonetheless, Dublin GAA’s twitter admins are on the ball. Both the ‘Dublin GAA Official’ and ‘Dublin LGFA’ pages are impressive. They are not afraid to give their clubs the spotlight. For pages with a lot to cover, they do a great job. https://twitter.com/CamogieDublin  https://twitter.com/dublinladiesg  https://twitter.com/DubGAAOfficial

Fermanagh: Great for keeping everyone in the loop. A proud county and this reflects in its Twitter activity. A good sight to see. https://twitter.com/FermanaghGAA

Sligo: Follows 299 people. Also, keeps people up to date on the underage sport in the county. Solid performer. https://twitter.com/sligogaa

Tipperary: A page with a lot to cover. Yet, they go above and beyond. Has a sense of personality which is refreshing. Has separate pages for men’s, camogie, and Ladies’ Football which means it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. As well, earns major points for the use of emojis. https://twitter.com/TipperaryGAA  https://twitter.com/TippLadiesFB  https://twitter.com/camogietipp

Tyrone: An account that doesn’t overdo it. Sticks to updates but does so in a neat and tidy manner. The use of animations is a trendy addition and easy on the eye.  https://twitter.com/TyroneLGFA  https://twitter.com/TyroneGAALive

Waterford: The ‘Official Waterford GAA Page’ has a kind of proud aunt feeling to it. Which is nice, if it’s your aunt. The LGFA page is where the county competes. The bio says ‘all age levels’, and delivers on this promise which is more than some do. Furthermore, the camogie page has 4781 tweets. That’s more than its 3,515 followers. Good work rate.  https://twitter.com/WaterfordLGFA  https://twitter.com/deisecamogie  https://twitter.com/WaterfordGAA

Wexford: Follows 701 people which is a lot more than most. The updates have a bit of life to them. On the whole, it’s easy to see why TV cameras end up there so often. If this page was a player, it would be a flashy corner forward. https://twitter.com/wexfordcamogie  https://twitter.com/OfficialWexGAA

Division 1

Antrim: Firstly, very active. Secondly, humorous. Then, there are polls, highlights, interviews, and live scores. Finally, they follow 1,317 people back. So refreshing. Class. https://twitter.com/AontroimGAA


Clare: If you want to watch a game. Clare GAA will ensure you know where the live stream is available. Besides, if you miss it, they’ll offer highlights and replays. Moreover, they offer previews for minor games. An overall quality county on the Twitter scene for men’s and women’s games. Similar to a manager who’ll call you up when you miss training. https://twitter.com/GaaClare https://twitter.com/ClareCamogie


Donegal: As one of the counties with Gaeltacht areas, it embraces its Irish speakers. All pages are great for updates. In addition, these updates have detail and personality. Fits on well on the big stage. Imagine the accent when you’re reading the tweets to get the full experience. https://twitter.com/officialdonegal  https://twitter.com/DonegalLGFA


Down: If this page sets the standard, everyone else falls short. Puts the focus on updates and nails it. It does this by including stats, graphs, and all the details that hardcore fans can pore over. Knows its purpose, and perfects it. Probably studied Sports Science in college. https://twitter.com/OfficialDownGAA


Kerry: These GAA Twitter pages don’t miss much. To begin, ‘Kerry Official’ is happy to share the voice of the supporters. A quality championship is backed up by quality updates. Next, the LGFA page has a link to its Instagram page in its bio. Top drawer move. Wears white boots and tapes their socks. A brave move, but can pull it off.   https://twitter.com/kerryladiesfoot  https://twitter.com/Kerry_Official


Louth: Smooth operator. Good balance between updates, admin, etc. Not clustered to look at. A no-nonsense full-back who is probably the captain. Will play into their 40s. https://twitter.com/louthgaa


Meath: These guys are on the ball. A smooth page that hypes up its clubs. Good interviews make this page a good visit. Moreover, the use of good microphones goes a long way. It wouldn’t be a surprise to discover Meath GAA was the first-ever Twitter member.  https://twitter.com/MeathGAA


Wicklow: With just 17k followers, the pressure is off for this page. In contrary to this, the work rate is not absent. The presence of cool animations put this page among the best. Shows up ten minutes before kick-off and still comes out the man of the match.  https://twitter.com/wicklowgaa



3 GAA Twitter Pages to Check out

Antrim: A real feel-good experience.

Donegal: Bit of Irish, some sponsors, good for updates. Something for everyone here.

Down: Just to appreciate the work being put into this one.






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