Gaelic football is immensely popular in terms of betting on the island of Ireland and has admirers worldwide, notably in diaspora nations (United Kingdom, North America, and Australia).

The sport originated and developed nearly entirely on the local island and is derived from numerous historical ball games. Last season Kerry scored its 23rd title and Roscommon and Galway surprised us by advancing to the 1st Division. Let’s see what the upcoming season has in store for us, along with some GAA betting tips.

GAA National Football League – What to Expect next Season

In the all-Ireland competition, the teams have met 28 times, with Kerry coming out on top 19 times. However, the runners-up are not bothered with their record. When they have their backs on the wall, it brings out the most in them. This season, these two will undoubtedly keep us entertained since they can pull off genuine shocks.

Reading anything into National League form comes with a warning. We need to only cast our minds back to 2021, when Tyrone made fools of any pre-season predictions by sealing the all-Ireland title. In the 2023 season, there is a lot at stake. Will the champions be able to defend their title? They have assembled an excellent team, Armagh and Donegal are also hungry to succeed. With all that in mind, let us look back at our favorites.

GAA National Football: Favorites

With all eyes on the upcoming gaelic football season, it is no surprise that some are already looking ahead to the betting preview for the upcoming Allianz League season. The qualifying bet calls to action in the casinos as well. If you are an online gambling enthusiast, it would make sense to look through the reviews of the best Irish casino sites as well, and you can find the most trustworthy and reliable ones. When it comes to the best bets, finding the best website is pretty similar to finding a reliable gambling platform. Eternal intrigue – free bets, best bets, min odds, all you can imagine about free Gaelic football betting can be found on the casino sites. Don’t miss it; our favorite clubs are racing for a challenging season as Odds, Picks, and Tips are about to begin.


It is one of the greatest teams from a historical perspective. They have 37 all-Ireland victories to their name. It is difficult to ever rule them out of contention, even though they aren’t the invincible force they used to be. This group could be the one to watch if you’re searching for outside bets to win it all.


Winners in 2021, they aren’t still riding so high after collecting their first title in almost a decade. The Ulster based side has been one of the top sides recently and capped it off with their victory. They ran out of steam in 2022 and finished fifth, but will they be able to recover and win again?


Perennial contenders for the all-Ireland title. Except that everyone seems to feel they’re cursed. The 2022 runners-up have been semi-finalists six times since 2011, with no titles to show for it. Betting on them nearly guarantees that you’ll have an opportunity for large gains at the all-Ireland Final. In order to make those gains even bigger, pay your attention to the reviews and choose the highest paying online casino with maximum security. This will make your gambling experience even more rewarding.

Full list of the GAA National Football League Championship Odds

Let’s now examine the odds of winning their division for each team in more detail so you can place your best bets: With bookmakers not offering prices yet we have put them in order of how we expect each division to finish. 

Division 1    

1. Kerry  
2. Mayo  
3. Armagh    
4. Donegal    
5. Tyrone    
6. Monaghan   
7. Roscommon   
8. Galway

Division 2

1. Dublin
2. Kildare
3. Derry    
4. Meath  
5. Clare    
6. Cork    
7. Louth  
8. Limerick    

Division 3

1. Offaly   
2. Down
3. Westmeath    
4. Antrim   
5. Fermanagh   
6. Longford    
7. Cavan    
8. Tipperary 

Division 4

1. Laois   
2. Wicklow   
3. Sligo   
4. Leitrim   
5. London    
6. Wexford  
7. Carlow    
8. Waterford  

GAA National Football Betting Tips

While Dublin and Kildare have already been relegated to the NFL second division, Mayo will undoubtedly act to attempt to overtake the champions in the first tier. Roscommon, the newcomer, stands a good chance of maintaining their positions. Monaghan and Donegal are the teams we expect to be relegated from the First Division in the next season. With tight scoring, they were close to disaster. As for the 2nd division, Offaly and Down were unquestionably behind the others, but if Louth and Limerick successfully defend their promotions, Cork and Clare may be next in line for relegation.

For a very long time, many fans placed bets on Meath to be promoted. Hopefully, they will be this season, otherwise those supporters will have to refocus their attention on how to win football bets. The 3rd division was competitive in 2022 as well, with Westmeath being the front-runner for promotion to the 2nd. Fermanagh and Longford’s positions may still be in jeopardy this year. There is nowhere to go but up from the 4th division, so Sligo, Leitrim, or London could be making their move up the ladder.


Just like hurling, Gaelic football is a thrilling experience with its unusual rules, talented teams, and devoted supporters. There is always room for sports bets, regardless of who triumphs, advances, or falls. The Allianz National League betting odds are excellent, even though we don’t yet know the fixtures. Don’t miss the previews, obtain your best odds, and place a bet on the teams you trust or that you are confident will be victorious.

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