The most popular sports for betting in Ireland

In Ireland, betting online is a highly common pastime. Even more well-liked than in major nations like Canada and the United States, the Irish online betting market is one of the largest in the entire world. Although this may appear strange at first, it makes sense if you are familiar with the betting culture in this nation.

Ireland has great legislation and a wide range of benefits in terms of payments, products, and even tax laws, making it one of the most betting-friendly nations in the world. Many Irish sports fans like placing wagers at both local and international bookmakers on a variety of sports.

In addition to trustworthy online casinos, there are many sports available at to gamblers and bettors all over Ireland. Gamblers are also completely secure thanks to the appropriate terms, conditions, and security procedures. Ireland takes pleasure in having one of the safest gaming centers in the world, which is something that many foreigners appreciate.

Online casinos and bookmakers in Ireland offer a variety of payment methods so that gamblers from across the world can participate on such platforms. Ireland is one of the nations that actively promotes the establishment of our betting sites.


It enables the Irish gambling industry to grow without encountering any unwelcome obstacles from the government. One of the advantages of online casinos in Ireland is that they are highly welcoming to residents who want to wager on sports and play slots. They’ll provide you with a ton of excitement and enjoyment that you’ll never forget.

List of Ireland’s Most Popular Sports for Betting

You must now be wondering what sports are accessible to bet on in the nation. Ireland is not an exception to the global trend of soccer dominance. It should come as no surprise that soccer attracts the most bets given that there are 1 billion followers globally, Ireland plays in the Nations League, and the Premier League has a sizable following. But what other sports are frequently wagered on in Ireland?Original Image: unsplash

1. Horse racing

Horse racing is the earliest sport in which wagers are permitted. Even though they scarcely qualify as exclusively sporting wagers, these bets remain popular, particularly in Ireland. You just need to be familiar with a few names to play Irish horse racing successfully, and one of those names is Ruby Walsh. In Ireland, horse racing is a science. There are dedicated radio stations and TV networks for horse racing in the UK and Ireland. Publications include books, magazines, and newspapers. Paid subscriptions to horse racing information and handicapper predictions are offered on profile websites.

There are numerous strategies; the majority of them focus on the game because the financial aspect has been well-researched and is essentially the same for betting regardless of the sport. Let’s add one more thing: you should maintain a careful bankroll management strategy while betting at bookies. Betting on high odds can drastically increase variance and result in immediate insolvency.

2. Boxing

Ireland has always loved boxing. With people like Barry McGuigan, Jimmy McLarnin, and Steve Collins, Ireland has had its own special talent. PPVs always go well, such as with Tyson Fury, who may be the greatest heavyweight boxer to date, being of Irish descent. So you can bet a lot of money on Tyson Fury’s fights, among many others.

3. MMA

Some people conflate mixed martial arts with boxing, but they are completely different sports. MMA has been a growing sport around the world for some time, and the UFC, which is the largest MMA company, continues to promote betting ads for fans, which helps the sport be associated with gambling, like horse racing. But, of course, Conor McGregor brought the Irish to the screens that traveled all over the world to see the Dubliner fight. Conor is undoubtedly the most famous MMA fighter of all time and was a two-time champion in his prime.

4. Gaelic Football

Although not as popular, it is worth noting that Gaelic soccer still exists in Ireland. The game involves 15 players on each team, and the rules are something between soccer and rugby. The main differences between Gaelic soccer and classic football can be attributed not only to the harsh rules of the game, but also to the uniforms of players, and the ball.The sport has been around since the 19th century and brings in some stakes, though not much. Nevertheless, the Gaelic Games (GAA) is a great event based on resistance to British colonization.

5. Rugby

Rugby is the sport in which Ireland perhaps excels. As a result, it is watched by the masses and often betted on. For example, Ireland comfortably beat England in the Six Nations a few months ago, an event that most of Ireland would have watched and celebrated. Not bad for a population of 5 million.

6. Golf

Golf is a sport that is often overlooked, but the number of views can be surprisingly high. Golf is another sport in which Ireland excels; players like Rory McIlroy, Padraig Harrington, and Darren Clarke have won many prestigious golf trophies over the years. Golf is also a fairly popular sport that is bet on in general, so it inevitably makes the list of the most popular sports in Ireland. It’s also a sport that experts believe can do a lot of good, compared to more seemingly casual sports such as soccer.


Despite exceptions for Gaelic games and their own sports, Irish sports betting reflects the same pattern as its neighbors in Europe. With no interest in basketball or American sports, Ireland bets most on horse racing, rugby, golf, boxing, and mixed martial arts.

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