Glen Triumphs in All-Ireland Senior Club Football Championship

The referee’s final whistle marked the end of an intense match, crowning Glen as the champions of the All-Ireland Senior Club Football Championship. The last five minutes were a nail-biting affair, with a free awarded to St Brigid’s from 45 meters out, but they missed the target. This was a crucial moment that could have changed the course of the game. However, Ben O’Carroll, a key player for St Brigid’s, made no mistake with his free, reducing Glen’s lead to just one point. This was a testament to O’Carroll’s skill and composure under pressure. A foul on O’Carroll led to another free for St Brigid’s. This was a controversial decision that sparked debates among the spectators. Glen responded with back-to-back scores and maintained possession by the half-way line. A free awarded to Glen saw Emmet Bradley scoring from close range. Bradley’s precision and calmness in such a high-pressure situation were commendable.

Extra Time

The referee announced five minutes of added time, setting the stage for a thrilling conclusion between Glen and St Brigid’s. This was a crucial period where every decision and every move could potentially decide the fate of the match. The players were visibly exhausted, but they pushed through their physical limits, driven by their determination and the desire to win. The spectators were on the edge of their seats, their hearts pounding with every pass, every tackle, and every shot.

Glen’s Goal

A goal for Glen at 57 minutes! Conor Glass seized an opportunity, catching the ball and spotting the St Brigid’s goalkeeper off his line. He took a shot and it resulted in a goal, bringing the game to a draw once again at Croke Park. This was a pivotal moment that shifted the momentum in Glen’s favor. Glass’s quick thinking and excellent execution were praised by both his teammates and the spectators. His goal will be remembered as one of the most exciting moments of the match.

St Brigid’s Response

St Brigid’s responded with a break, and Eddie Nolan finished off the move. The Connacht champions now had a four-point cushion with just over five minutes left to play at Croke Park. However, Glen was not ready to give up. They responded to St Brigid’s lead by winning a free. Emmet Bradley put this over the bar, making it a three-point game once again. This was a clear demonstration of Glen’s fighting spirit and their refusal to back down.

Half-Time Scores

At half-time, the scorers for St. Brigid’s were Ben O’Carroll (0-3), Ruaidhri Fallon (0-1), Eddie Nolan (0-1), Ciaran Sugre (0-1), Bobby Nugent (0-1), and Brian Stack (0-1). For Glen, the scorers were Jodi McDermott (1-0), Emmet Bradley (0-2), Ethan Doherty (0-1), Conor Glass (0-1), and Ciaran McFaul (0-1). The match was evenly poised at this point, with both teams having an equal chance of winning. The half-time break was a much-needed respite for the players, giving them a chance to rest, regroup, and strategize for the second half.

Glen’s Goal and Point

At 28 minutes, St Brigid’s cushion was torn apart with Glen scoring a goal and a point. The green flag was down to a squared ball which Jody McDermott put away and Ethan Doherty scored the point within seconds of the restart. This was a significant moment in the match, as it brought Glen back into the game. McDermott’s goal was a perfect example of his skill and precision, while Doherty’s point showcased his accuracy and timing.

The Opening Minutes

The opening minutes saw a flurry of activity, with Ben O’Carroll scoring his fourth point of the final and Eddie Nolan getting his name on the scoresheet for St Brigid’s. This was followed by a Glen point which Ciaran McFaul put over the bar, just as Conor Convery replaced Eunan Mulholland. These early exchanges set the tone for the rest of the match, with both teams showing their intent to win.


The match was a thrilling display of skill and strategy, with both teams giving their all. In the end, Glen emerged victorious, marking a memorable day in the history of the All-Ireland Senior Club Football Championship. This detailed account of the match highlights the intensity and excitement of the game, showcasing the spirit of the sport. The players’ performances particulaly Conor Glass, the strategies employed by the teams, and the atmosphere in the stadium all contributed to making this match a classic that will be remembered for years to come.


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