Athenry Rounders Club Triumphs in U13 Feile Final, Bringing Home All Ireland Title

Battling Through Intense Matches, Athenry Clinches Victory in Dublin

The U13 feile reached its thrilling conclusion at Tymon Park in Dublin last Saturday afternoon.

Representing Connacht, the talented girls  from Athenry Rounders Club emerged as formidable contenders after a dominant performance in the regional phase of the competition the previous weekend. With high hopes and determination, they embarked on their journey to Dublin, where they would face Glynn Barntown of Wexford in the semi-final.

As the scorching temperatures in Dublin soared, the level of rounders played that day matched the intensity of the heat. Athenry showcased their resilience, digging deep to secure a hard-fought victory in the semi-final with a razor-thin margin, prevailing over Glynn Barntown by a scoreline of 6-5. The match was a spectacle of exceptional fielding from both sides, captivating the spectators.

Advancing to the final, Athenry found themselves facing off against The Heath of Laois. The Heath, having emerged victorious from a fiercely contested semi-final against Erne Eagles of Cavan, were determined to give Athenry a run for their money. The semi-final had been so closely fought that it required extra innings to break the tie.

However, in the final showdown, Athenry truly showcased their prowess. The first innings remained tightly contested, with both teams unable to score. Yet, Athenry unleashed their batting prowess, surging ahead and leaving The Heath struggling to keep up. The Heath fought valiantly, scoring some points of their own, but Athenry proved to be a force to be reckoned with, ultimately emerging triumphant. It is with great delight that we announce Athenry as the deserving champions, clinching the U13 title. This remarkable achievement not only adds to their club’s legacy but also brings another All Ireland title back to Connacht.

Congratulations to everyone at Athenry Rounders Club for their exceptional performance and dedication. The victory in the U13 feile final is a testament to their hard work and skill. Well done, ladies of Athenry, for your outstanding achievement and for bringing home the prestigious title.

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